Bhava Spandana Homework


Bhava Spandana Program participants are requested to spend a minimum of five hours on the homework writing assignment and bring the notebook along with them.

If you have not sufficiently completed the homework, you may be asked to leave the program & come for the next Bhava Spandana Program.
Those who typed out the Bhava Spandana Homework on a computer or Phone MUST remember to print and carry the hard copy to the program, along with some blank sheets and a pen!

Kindly also note that the Homework notebook has to be dedicated for the same activity and should not be used for other purposes!

Homework Assignment

The homework is an integral part of the program, and is for your personal growth. It need not be shown or submitted to anyone. Please spend a minimum of 5 hours of actual writing to answer all of the following questions in a notebook and bring the notebook with you to the program.

  1.  Look back through your life and write about the significant high and low events that you have experienced in the areas of love, happiness and health (not only in the world outside but also within yourself). Write about specific circumstances that you have experienced, both positive and negative.

    Do not be concerned about your experiences being right, wrong, moral, immoral, good or bad. Just write truthfully, the way it was without concern about other’s judgments. It is not necessary to justify why you did what you did.

    Avoid “because” statements. Instead of saying, “I don’t work at the office because my boss takes credit for what I do”, just say, “I don’t work at the office” and explain your experience of that situation.      
  2.  Write about situations that you have been dealing with or trying to change in the following areas :                                                                                                  
    A. As an individual
    B. In your relationship with others
    C. In your job or school
    D. With spouse, children, parents, siblings
    E. With society as a whole

    Describe actual interactions, both positive and negative.

    *Spend atleast 5 hours of actual writing