Below are the details for the various categories.

Category Name

Accommodation type


Nalanda cottage Single Room – A/C


Nalanda cottage Single Room non A/C


Nadi cottage Single room – A/C


Nadi cottage Single room – non A/C


  1. Accommodation is blocked only for the period of the Yoga Chikitsa program. If you wish to come early or extend your stay, kindly make necessary arrangements:

·       Nadi cottages: [email protected] / 0091-422-2515 470/471 [10:00 am to 05:00 pm IST]

·       Nalanda cottages:  [email protected] / 0091-422-2515 515  [10:00 am to 05:00 pm IST

      2. Upon your arrival, accommodation charges have to be paid directly to Nalanda/Nadi cottages, as the case may be, in accordance to their                        policies.

      3. Accommodation for any accompanying guests will be as per the policy of Nadi/Nalanda cottages.

      4. Please note that any accompanying guests/spouse/carer visiting or staying will not be able to share any of the program facilities including dining.